Finance Council

The Finance Council is an advisory Council to the pastor. Their duties include:
  1. Provide counsel and advise the pastor prior to committing to any extraordinary expenditure or alienation of stable patrimony (selling or transferring goods) of the Parish (ref. Canon 1291)in excess of $10,000.  Extraordinary expenditures relate to non-budgeted expenditures, construction projects, real estate and property lease issues, and fundraising efforts.
  2. Provide counsel and advise the pastor when faced with expenditures which exceed the approved budget by 10%.
  3. Provide counsel and advise the the pastor to buy or sell any property which requires the permission of the Bishop. 
  4. Be involved in the budgeting process and must approve the annual Parish budget. The Parish budget includes the school budget. 
  5. Be responsible for overseeing the preparation of the annual financial report to the Bishop (required by Canon 1287) by July 31 of each year and the publication of an annual Financial Report to the faithful. The report to the faithful is to be in the Parish bulletin. The report to the Bishop must be certified by the Pastor and by the Parish Finance Chairperson on behalf of the Parish Finance Council; this is done by providing each signature in the annual report.
  6. A member of the Parish Finance Council must review the bank account(s) reconciliation monthly. As part of this process the complete check register must be made available. 
  7. The following matters are generally the purview of the Parish Finance Council; ‚Äč
  • Construction Projects
  • Cash flows and accounts payable 
  • Fundraising 
  • Internal Controls (including the proper handling of the Sunday Collection)
  • Charity and Development Appeal 
  • Other related matters deemed appropriate 



Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Finance Council:

  • Laura Brown (Chair)
  • Haley Fagan
  • David Sisco
  • Mark Krysiak
  • Donna Lauro (ex officio)
  • Pat Randall (ex officio)
  • Fr. Gregory Schlarb (ex officio)

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