Our Values

What We Value:

Worship:  Believing in the True Presence of Jesus, we praise and glorify God with others through Word and Song by participating in Mass (to gather, to listen, to share and to send forth).  Mass is the Source and Summit of our Catholic Faith and it nurtures and strengthens our personal relationship with God.  Whether personal expression (Eucharistic Adoration, Prayer) or public expression (Mass, Ritual, Sacraments) these encounters with the Living Christ are our priority as a love response to God who loves us deeply.

Evangelization:  Living our faith enthusiastically and sharing our faith freely with others, we invite and lead others to come to know, believe and love God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We evangelize by moving out of our comfort zone and announce the Gospel of Jesus Christ and proclaim the Paschal Mystery leading the unbaptized to the waters of eternal life and the disengaged believer into a deeper relationship with God. 

Discipleship:  Through the teaching of Sacred Scripture, Church doctrine/teaching and liturgical action/celebration/rituals, we continually grow in our knowledge, love and understanding of Jesus Christ.  It is Faith in Action to equip others in discipleship while improving our Catholic self by serving one another.

Fellowship:  Our community knows our fellow parishioners and cares about them.  Through acceptance, accountability, belonging, companionship, and invitation, we share a common goal to be welcoming and supporting all as a community of faith. 

Ministry:  Bringing glory to God in all that we do, we serve others as Disciples of Christ each and every day.  Turning love into action, we recognize and come to know Jesus by sharing our gifts and reaching out to others who do not belong and are vulnerable.

Stewardship:  All of life is gift so we receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly in order to return them with increase back to God.  No matter the cost, we follow Jesus as a way of life detaching ourselves from the everyday distractions and obstacles that hinder us from sharing our time, talent and treasure. 




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