Pastoral Plan

Definitions & Goals

Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Scottsdale

Pastoral Plan 2019 – 2023

Executive Summary



Definition for Worship:

Believing in the True Presence of Jesus, we praise and glorify God with others through Word and Song by participating in Mass (to gather, to listen, to share and to send forth).  Mass is the Source and Summit of our Catholic Faith and it nurtures and strengthens our personal relationship with God.  Whether personal expression (Eucharistic Adoration, Prayer) or public expression (Mass, Ritual, Sacraments) these encounters with the Living Christ are our priority as a love response to God who loves us deeply.

Goal 1:  Provide opportunities for parishioners to active participate in the Good News of the Gospel through periodic “Faith in Action” activities.

Goal 2:  Provide an optimal Worship Space environment to praise God on Sundays, Holy Days and Weekdays through a Church Beautification Project

Goal 3:  Grateful for the abundance of blessings given to us by God, our community takes time to acknowledge those blessings throughout the liturgical year.

Goal 4:  The Sunday focus (hunger) for Worship, Family, and Rest have been replaced by satisfying other hungers such as entertainment, individualism, income, materialism, sports.  We need to reclaim Sundays by putting Worship, Family, and Rest as top priorities on our Sabbath Day of Rest.


Definition for Evangelization:

Living our faith enthusiastically and sharing our faith freely with others, we invite and lead others to come to know, believe and love God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We evangelize by moving out of our comfort zone and announce the Gospel of Jesus Christ and proclaim the Pascal Mystery leading the unbaptized to the waters of eternal life and the disengaged believer into a deeper relationship with God. 

Goal 1:  Intentionally Brand Our Lady of Perpetual Help Community as a welcoming, friendly and affirming environment that has a history of service in the Scottsdale corridor and is known as the Heart of Old Town Scottsdale.

Goal 2:  Using statistical information, surveys and census information, we will better acquaint and understand our target groups and their wants and needs.

Goal 3:  Blessed with numerous facilities to gather the parish and Scottsdale community members, we will provide opportunities for people to come to know Jesus and one another through art, education, development, formation, social and sport events.

Goal 4:  “Religion is not Relevant,” seems to be a popular sentiment.  We will counteract the sentiment by providing information, education, formation and service opportunities that ignite the faith lives of Catholics, demonstrating how their religion makes a difference in their daily lives.


Definition of Discipleship:

Through the teaching of Sacred Scripture, Church doctrine/teaching and liturgical action/celebration/rituals, we continually grow in our knowledge, love and understanding of Jesus Christ.  It is Faith in Action to equip others in discipleship while improving our Catholic self by serving one another.

Goal 1:  Provide avenues and access to faith formation/education lessons and actions that can be replicated in homes and neighborhoods via social media, take home materials and streaming video.

Goal 2:  Develop a Jr. High and High School Youth Discipleship Process to engage tweens and teenagers to be formed and mentored in an active faith life in the midst of their modern world of challenges and pressures.

Goal 3:  Provide processes of Strength Finders and Discernment of Gifts to parishioners (2) times each year.

Goal 4:  Counteract “Drop Off” mentality of parents and guardians of Our Lady of Perpetual Help by entering into a partnership with each family re-emphasizing that parents are the primary educators and formators of their children in the faith and assisting them to be successful spiritual mothers and fathers.



Definition of Fellowship:

Our community knows our fellow parishioners and cares about them.  Through acceptance, accountability, belonging, companionship, and invitation, we share a common goal to be welcoming and supporting all as a community of faith. 

Goal 1:  The Parish Information Center is a welcoming communication hub that serves parishioners and visitors by informed parishioners and materials.

Goal 2:  To help bring together the various groups (Mass times, language, generations) who are part of the OLPH community welcoming and inviting others to be supportive of each other through hospitality and concern.

Goal 3:  To provide different opportunities for encounter/fellowship to people that speaks to their interests, passions, and comfort level.

Goal 4:  Provide avenues and resources to counteract the influence social media and technology which have stifled authentic relationships and friendships within families and our parish community.


Definition of Ministry:

Bringing glory to God in all that we do, we serve others as Disciples of Christ each and every day.  Turning love into action, we recognize and come to know Jesus by sharing our gifts and reaching out to others who do not belong and are vulnerable.

Goal 1:  To develop, communicate and market Celtics in Mission as the overall Ministry, Service, and Mission Outreach activities for the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Community.

Goal 2:  To communicate the Good News of Ministry, Service and Mission Outreach Activities through bulletin, website and social media resources.

Goal 3:  Develop a Ministry Placement process assisting parishioners to discern their call to ministry and service and match their charisms and strengths with a specific ministry or service.

Goal 4:  To guide and assist parishioners to grow from an apathetic (“I Have To”) attitude through an entitlement (“I Want To”) attitude to a Disciple’s (“I Love To”) attitude regarding ministry and service.


Definition of Stewardship:

All of life is gift so we receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly in order to return them with increase back to God.  No matter the cost, we follow Jesus as a way of life detaching ourselves from the everyday distractions and obstacles that hinder us from sharing our time, talent and treasure. 

Goal 1:  Create a Master Plan for the OLPH campus that ensures sustainability for our buildings and community, while offering a distinct impact to the larger Old Town Scottsdale community.

Goal 2:  Provide an annual Stewardship Report to the parish community illustrating transparency and accountability of the funds received throughout the year and how these funds supported and furthered the mission of the parish for the Fiscal Year.

Goal 3:  To communicate and market Our Lady of Perpetual Help Community and events to the Old Town Scottsdale Community.

Goal 4:  Market OLPH Catholic School to Scottsdale community on how and why we provide exceptional Catholic education and discipleship formation to our students that is not replicated in charter and public schools.


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