Discipline With Purpose

Discipline With Purpose

Parents and educators can use a common framework as they share the goal of helping children to grow up to become self-directed individuals. There are 15 skills that are used as a framework for making decisions about a person’s growth in self-discipline. This frame-work is the heart of the Discipline With Purpose program. 
This DWP program has been successfully in place at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School for over 20 years and is based on teaching skills that develop students into self-disciplined individuals. 

Program Framework

The skills are grouped into three categories. While children of all ages can be taught something about all fifteen skills, during some phases of a child’s development it is best to focus on certain skills.

Basic Skills (Focus K-3):    

  1. Listening 
  2. Following Instructions
  3. Questioning
  4. Sharing: Time, Space, People and Things
  5. Exhibiting Social skills 

Constructive Skills (4-6):

  6. Cooperating with Others 
  7. Understanding the Reason for Rules
  8. Independently Completing a Task
  9. Exhibiting Leadership
10. Communicating Effectively

Generative Skills (7-12):

11. Organizing: Time, Space, People, Things
12. Resolving Mutual Problems
13. Taking the Initiative in Problem Solving
14. Distinguishing Fact From Feeling
15. Sacrificing/Serving Others  


DWP Anti-Bullying Program and Curriculum

We have a DWP-based Anti-Bullying Program. The Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School Anti-Bullying Policy and Procedures, and the forms for reporting concerns in this area, are available for your reference and use.






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