Tuition and Fees

2021-2022 Tuition and Fees

Kindergarten - 8th Grade

Kindergarten - 8th Grade:  Registered, active members of a Catholic Parish  $7,100
8th Grade: Registered, active members of a Catholic Parish  $7,300
K-7:  Non-Active Catholic Parishioner or Non-Catholic $8,800
8th Grade:  Non-Active Catholic Parishioner or Non-Catholic $9,000

Parish Verification Form: Parish Verification forms for non-OLPH parishioners must be received to ensure that you receive the Catholic Parish rate listed above, you are responsible for printing and returning a Parish Verification Form. 


Early Childhood Center(Preschool)  
Monday through Friday  Full-Day Program $7,100
Preschool Part-Time Options:  
M-F Half-Day Program  7:55am-12:00pm $6,100
M/W/F Half-Day Program  7:55am - 12:00pm $4,100
T/TH Half-Day Program 7:55 - 12:00pm $3,100









All tuition payments will be made through online FACTS Tuition Management.  The following Tuition payment plans are available:

  • Annual:  Full payment of tuition paid through FACTS.
  • Semi-Annual:  Tuition is divided into two equal installments.
  • Monthly: Tuition is paid over a 12 month period beginning in June 2021 and is due monthly through May 2022.