What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is a program that allows the school to receive a percentage of the total amount participating families spend at a variety of stores, theaters, and restaurants.  The programs cost you nothing to participate and have a tremendous impact on the school.

Ways To Participate:

Physical Gift Cards:

Physical gift cards are available to purchase from the school office. You may send an order form with check payment via your child's backpack.

Virtual Gift Cards:

Scrip has been successfully participating with Shop With Scrip, our virtual marketplace.

Follow these instructions  to get registered. Once registered, you may purchase virtual gift cards from your computer and print hard copies or use a phone application called "myscripwallet" to access your gift card to use at the place of business. For example, while shopping at Homegoods or Home Depot (along with many more), you can purchase the gift card directly from your phone prior to check-out and hand your phone (gift card bar code will appear) and pay using scrip! The scrip office receives a report so that you will receive credit with each purchase.

Reloadable Grocery Cards:

Purchase a AJs’/Basha’s reloadable gift cards from the Scrip office. Do your shopping. At the checkout PRIOR to ringing up your order, ask the cashier to load a dollar amount on to your reloadable card. Pay with your credit card (earn your points/miles) THEN ring up your groceries and pay with your reloadable card. Earn 6% back on your purchases. You may also reload your card at customer service. This program is part of the Tuition reduction program.